Veggiecate the Nation!


The Veggiecation Program is a nutrition education program that was designed to help educators easily integrate nutrition, cooking, and gardening concepts into their established academic lesson plans. A Certified Nutritionist and school food service expert, Lisa Suriano, created the program after recognizing a need to educate about and market vegetables to young children.   She sought out the expertise of a team of elementary teachers and school food chefs to develop resources that were effective and accessible to a broad range of educators.

Veggiecation lessons and materials can be used in a variety of settings: school classrooms, lunchrooms, after school programs, summer camps, hospital clinics, health fairs, personal homes and now Whole Foods Markets!

The program offers standards-based lesson suggestions, simple recipes & supporting academic materials to increase acceptance and consumption of vegetables among students.  These meaningful interventions such as tastings, classroom lessons, activities and food preparation expose students to vegetables increasing the number of daily vegetable servings consumed.

The Veggiecation Program is now active in 29 states across the nation including 100s of schools in NYC and is on a mission to “Veggiecate the Nation!”

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