Teachers in the Garden Series: Educating and empowering people to improve their communities through gardening and urban agriculture

The Teachers in the Garden Series is a new online garden-based curricular resource for first-time gardening teachers. This is a new pilot project for Gateway Greening’s youth programs. Each 3-5 minute video teaches a simple/specific gardening task or topic and ties with various curricular connection ideas. As the videos evolved, Gateway Greening has tried to cater them for both teachers and students. That is, each video will become more than just a tutorial but a mini lesson itself. Check out an excerpt of the lesson on Seedling Care.

After your seeds have germinated, it’s time to properly care and maintain your seedlings to ensure healthy growth and easier transplanting. Light, water, ventilation, fertilization, and thinning are 5 key steps we will talk about. In Pilot 3, we sowed broccoli seeds into 3 peat pots. Now see how these seeds have fared over the past few weeks. Which ones are doing well? Which one failed? What factors might have caused these results? Watch the video and explore these questions further!

Click here to see the full lesson!

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