History & Research

SEA-CROP®is an organic liquid soil amendment. The Chemical Assay is available to all farmers upon request. The base is composed of desalinated ocean minerals with 95% of the salt removed. When dried it yields 20.0% solids consisting of 12.3% sodium chloride and 87.7% other minerals and organic substances of marine origin. In total, SEA-CROP® contains over 100 minerals, elements macro and mirco-nutrients .

Minerals in Seawater

Seafloor springs and volcanic eruptions have also added billions of tons of minerals to the oceans. The rivers of the world dump billions of tons of minerals into the oceans each year and have for eons. From prehistoric times mankind has used organic matter from the sea for food and soil amendments. Seawater is 87.7 % sodium chloride (salt).Everything soluble ends up in the ocean. Seawater contains 89 elements in measurable quantities although some of them are only present in trace and ultra-trace amounts.

Importance of Minerals

Biological processes in every living thing are dependent on enzyme catalysts. Enzymes catalysts are special proteins that can speed up chemical operations a million fold.Most enzyme catalyst requires a mineral co-factor and can’t be constructed without one.The mineral location in the enzyme molecule is called the reaction center.

SEA-CROP® adds over 100 minerals and 89 elements to the soil including the microflora concentrated from seawater. Kelp only adds 56 minerals.

Worn out farm soils have undergone a severe depletion of mineral content. When the minerals are missing, plants and animals can’t produce all the enzymes they need to live up to their full genetic potential. Plant and animal pathologists recognize that chronic mineral deficiencies compromise the immune system and predispose a weakened organism to diseases. Minerals go down, disease goes up

Organic Content of Seawater

There are roughly a billion marine bacteria per liter of seawater and ten times that amount of marine viruses.

About half of the marine bacteria species produce a pigment that enables harvesting the sun’s energy through photosynthesis. They are responsible for much of the oxygen in our planet’s atmosphere.

Seawater’s organic carbon is concentrated in SEA-CROP®. Seawater contains both dissolved organic carbon and particulate carbon. Much of the particulate organic carbon in seawater is Dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP). Phytoplankton coat themselves with DMSP to absorb the sun. DMSP beaks down into DMSO and dimethyl sulfide gas which is a major cause of our coastal rainfall.


Trees, bushes, flowers, crops, grass and vineyards have collection and distribution systems above and below ground. Below ground is their external digestive system.

Below the Ground

Plants have an external digestive system.SEA-CROP®. Itstimulates soil microflora, increasing total bacterial and fungal biomass. This extends and enhances the plant’s digestive system.

The root system of a SEA-CROP® treated plant is typically 30% larger than untreated allowing the plant to draw nutrients and water from a greater feeding range.

Enhanced production of auxins may be the reason. These plant growth hormones are responsible for initiation of root growth and fruit development.

Above the Ground

Enhanced carotenoid production has the effect of extending the range of a plant’s solar antenna and making it more efferent reaching for the sun.

Testing by Cornell University determined that increased the production of carotenoids by over 35%. Carotenoids protect chlorophyll from destruction by oxidation. Two carotenoids are lycopene which makes tomatoes red and beta-carotene that makes carrots orange. Both are a good source of vitamin A.

The Future

Unlimited Resources

The oceans cover 72% of the surface of the planet.

Seawater is the least scarce resource on Earth.

Ocean minerals are the wave of the future!

SEA-CROP® is approved under the National Organic Program for use in organic agriculture.

The following universities have verified the beneficial effects of SEA-CROP®: Cornell University, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, University of Morocco at Agadir.

Currently testing is being done at four government research stations in Malawi, at the University of Israel and by the Government of Canada.

According to agronomist John Kempf of Advancing Eco Agriculture, “Farmers are responsible for the health of the United States of America. They do more for our health then any doctor or hospital.”

After his extensive study in 2008 proving the benefits of using SEA-CROP® on fruits and veggies Mr. Kempf concluded:

“Every farmer needs to use SEA-CROP®”.

· Increases the nutrient density of the plant

· Increases the root mass of the plant

· Increases the size, yield, and flavor of produce

· Lessens the need for NPK inputs

· Revitalizes soil

· Re-mineralizes food