About This Site

Local Food Support Network

Our mantra is Conscious Collaboration, by understanding the enormity of the challenges our current food system is experiencing and the price our collective is paying, the time for a larger group approach is at hand. We would like to be one of the catalysts for this group. With the inclusion of the many diverse active participants that are doing the work and making our voices heard by elected officials, candidates, educator and the eating public. Creating a “Digital Meet-Up”. Helping to bring greater scale to the movement.

Our Site’s Purpose is to serve as, “a digital aggregator”, supporting and advocating consciousness in Food Choices and Availability,” by partnering, supporting and promoting existing effective programs that advocate fair, fresh, local foods and their availability to all. The current challenges, shortcomings and dysfunctions of our food system are appallingly apparent. The simple recognition of this public challenge is in itself a call to action for those of us who share these concerns.

Local Food Support Network is a grass roots effort focusing attention on the Who’s, How’s and Why’s of “Growing, Buying, Preparing and Eating of fair fresh local food”; while advocating for increased availability. Our challenge is considerable in that a combination of old habits and lack of a positive frame of reference has resulted in rampant obesity, malnutrition and poor food options. Our part of this solution is to connect the local farmer to the local eater by supporting existing groups and programs. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting educators, sharing their knowledge and programs with their students and families by connecting them with other like-minded efforts.

Increasing the number of home, urban and community gardens both making available fresh produce for the gardens and the ability to share their bounty.

As our mission becomes clearer and the need more evident, we seek partners in the solution. From those who need, to those who can feed, we can be the bridge to everyone in the Farming, Fair Fresh Food and Nutrition sphere.

Our goal is to establish a clearinghouse of information and best practices, Local Food Support Network will disseminate to Schools (growing, preparing and nutritional instruction) Farmers (supporting the Farm Bill, creating a Terminal Market for local farmers and rallying to overcome other challenges) and our Returning Veterans (to find healing and purpose) in agricultural employment and food services industries. The returning veteran aspect is coming together rapidly as we form partnerships with existing educational, governmental and NGO’s currently serving the effort.

Conscious Collaboration through social media interaction is our mantra and we believe our efforts and the design of our site, dovetails harmoniously with many current programs. Assist us in shaping and executing this space for positive change and tackling a system that seems out of control.

We as a collative can bring our message to the scale that is need to make the major changes that are necessary.

We look forward to getting your feedback, support and possible participation in making our programs responsive to the community’s needs and responding to the food challenges of today.

Our To-Do list, ready to expand with your input:

  • Broadcast fundraising efforts by our community.
  • Bringing together the parties need to expand and accelerate the conversion of Vacant Lots-2-Planting Plots.
  • Working with and assisting vital programs like FOOD DAY 2012 and other national programs to get local legs and participation.
  • Creating and bringing more attention to the web based information sharing discussions that are vital to a more harmonious approach to the mission through webinars and video/audio conference calls.
  • Publishing information on new books, videos and other timely information.

Peter Insalaco
Director / Chief Executive Officer
Local Food Support Network
Office: 212.722.2524