Re-Inventing People-Powered Politics

SignOn.orgis an online campaign platform from—the folks who helped invent Internet organizing and have been on the cutting edge of online, people-powered politics since we were founded in 1998. blends your ideas and passions with MoveOn’s years of expertise running online campaigns. Our cutting-edge tools and in-depth trainings help individuals and organizations start campaigns on any issue that’s important to them. We provide tools to create petitions, strategies to build those petitions into powerful, winning campaigns, and the ability to keep the momentum building over time.

How it works

We encourage and empower regular folks to become leaders. You shouldn’t need a Super PAC to have the power to change your community. We provide individuals with the tools and training they need to become effective advocates for their causes.

We believe in progressive political change. Many of our biggest petitions are about finding ways to fix our broken system: passing progressive laws, checking the power of corporate lobbyists, and holding politicians accountable. From city councils to state legislatures to Congress, petition creators are helping build a society that works for everyone.

We connect MoveOn members directly with the hottest campaigns. With more than 7 million members, MoveOn provides start-up campaigns on with a critical boost of grassroots support and the means to organize long-term via email. Re-Inventing People-Powered Politics 

We connect petition signers directly to their elected officials. We’ve developed smart and responsive methods of electronic delivery to ensure that people’s voices get through in the corridors of power. In our first year of operation, hundreds of elected officials responded directly to their constituents via

We’re nonprofit, and we can’t be bought. is entirely funded by small donations from our members. And unlike other petition sites, we never promote petitions because someone paid us to—we only promote the petitions that MoveOn members support. Our system works because we have a tiny staff and incredibly low overhead.

We respect privacy. Period. We’ll never, ever sell your email address to anyone. Ever.

Who’s using

Since our launch in early 2011, tens of thousands of petitions have been started on, garnering millions of signatures for campaigns. Most petition creators are regular people who want to make their voices heard. Also, progressive state legislators and organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the AFL-CIO, and the Sierra Club have used to give their campaigns a major grassroots boost. Click here to read about success stories.

Terms of Service is the non-profit petition site that will never sell your personal information and will never promote a petition because we were paid to. Civic Action sponsors but does not endorse the contents of petitions on the site. For more information on MoveOn, visit