A Little Acre of Unsung Plants

The Linwood Arboretum in Linwood, New Jersey did not suffer much at the hands of hurricane Sandy. This New York Times article highlights the little known flora sanctuary. The arboretum houses hundreds of different species of plants and represents an excellent place to learn about plants that can thrive in the Northeast.

On a chilly afternoon a few days after the storm, the camellias were still in bloom. A fat bud on a towering hibiscus promised one more enormous pink flower; the dark pods of the black cotton plants were bursting with satiny white seeds.

There wasn’t an overused forsythia or Bradford pear in sight. This little patch of ground is all about diversity: a dozen kinds of magnolias; a half-dozen witch hazels; 15 camellias; crape myrtles that will age into sinuous trunks with exfoliating bark; deciduous holly trees loaded with red and yellow berries; dwarf pines and ginkgos as big as medium-size dogs.

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Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City by Design Trust for Public Space

Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City.

Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City by Nevin Cohen, Kristin Reynolds, and Rupal Sanghvi

A Roof Grows in Brooklyn: World’s Largest Rooftop Farm

Bright Farms, World's largest rooftop farm

World's largest rooftop farm

BrightFarms grows local produce, nationwide.  By financing, building, and managing greenhouse farms at or near grocery retailers, BrightFarms eliminates time, distance, and costs from the produce supply chain. BrightFarms local produce is fresher, more flavorful, and better for the environment, enabling grocers to change their produce supply chain in a way that improves the planet and their profits.

World’s Largest Rooftop Farm Fast Facts

  • The farm will be built on 100,000 sq. feet of rooftop space
  • The farm can grow up to 1 million pounds of local produce (tomatoes, lettuces & herbs) per year
  • The farm can grow enough crops to meet the fresh vegetable consumption needs of up to 5,000 New Yorkers.
  • The farm will prevent as much as 1.8 million gallons of storm water from going into local waterways.
  • The farm will create 25 full-time jobs 

FOOD CORP, Changing the minds, bodies and way of thinking, of youth across America

FOOD CORP, Changing the minds, bodies and way of thinking, of youth across America

FoodCorps places motivated  leaders in limited-resource communities for a year of public service. Working under the direction of local partner organizations, we implement a three-ingredient recipe for healthy kids. Our Service Members:

Deliver hands-on nutrition education

Build and tend school gardens

Bring high-quality local food into public school cafeterias

They take pride in having been a part of the growing and harvesting process, which is really the most beautiful part to me, when I can help them reconnect with the direct source of their food.”       – Service Member Christopher Chemsak

Our approach is based on three interventions:

  • Knowledge: Nutrition Education that teaches kids what healthy food is
  • Engagement: School Gardens that engage kids and community volunteers
  • Access: Farm to Cafeteria programs that put local food in school lunch

Our first 50 FoodCorps Service Members are setting out to 41 sites across 10 states! More than 1,200 emerging leaders applied for the positions, demonstrating remarkable skill, passion, and commitment in areas related to improving school food. Our focus is, K-12

SINCE AUG 15, 2011, 46,833 CHILDREN REACHED, 396 GARDEN PROJECTS, 8,301 lbs. Produce Donated, 1,404 New Community Volunteers.

Started with UEPI, Urban & Environmental Policy Insitute @ Cooidental College (LA). http://foodcorps.org/,

FOOD CORP, VIDEO, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zu1HamLuSow,


Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen


We have the power to make a difference. Find something or someone that moves you… you can make a difference and I promise it will make you and that neighbor in need feel something magical. The JBJ Foundation, NJ -A community restaurant with no prices on the menu; customers donate to pay for their meal. If you are unable to donate you may do volunteer work in exchange for your family’s meal.


Gary Openheimer “No Food Left Behind”

What Gary Does

Enable one to use the Internet to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in their own community.
AmpleHarvest.org connects 40+ million Americans with excess food in their garden and local food pantries.

Garden by garden, home & community gardeners and other growers are fighting hunger and malnutrition in America.

Their core mission: No Food Left Behind.

Listing and working with food pantries Nationally. http://ampleharvest.org/

Listen to -Gary Oppenheimer speaking at