The Good Food Revolution, Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities – Will Allen

When you work in agriculture and with young people, it makes you think quite a bit about the future. You have to imagine the world you want to create before there is any evidence you can bring it into being. I see people who are growing fresh vegetables intensively in their backyards. I drive past waste trucks that are in the business of composting, a practice that has become mandatory for urban residents along with recycling. These companies collect organics and paper, and they sell the soil they create to farmers. I see fifteen-acre for-profit farms that are zoned into cities. They are considered as necessary a part of urban infrastructure as the sewer and water systems. These farms have cafes and cooperative grocery stores where people can buy locally grow food at affordable prices. “We Say Amen.” Check out Growing Power!

“From the plots of his Milwaukee urban farm to low-income communities across America. Will Allen has shown us a new type of heroism. Through The Good Food Revolution, Allen recounts his effort to reclaim his family’s heritage and, in doing so, confronts lingering disparities in racial and economic justice. As the champion of a new and promising movement, Allen is skillfully leading Americans to face one of our greatest domestic issues-our health”. President William Jefferson Clinton